Ridgecrest by Sure-Loc

Touch Screen Deadbolt

with Z-Wave Plus


  • Operate from smart phone or computer with Z-Wave Plus Hub
  • Track users, battery life, and history from Z-Wave app
  • Operates on four AA batteries (not included), no hard wiring required
  • Warning light and sound to indicate low batteries
  • Illuminated ten digit touchscreen
  • Entry codes can be four to eight digits
  • Programmable up to 25 entry codes
  • Single-use user code options
  • Vacation Mode- temporarily disables all user codes
  • Optional random number input before user code to prevent fingerprint probing
  • Automatic bolt throwing direction for LH or RH door swings
  • Single touch locking
  • Optional auto locking function
  • Key operable
  • 25 year mechanical and one year electronic warranty
  • Temperature range -31 degrees F to 150 degrees F
15 Satin Nickel
11P Vintage Bronze
FBL Flat Black
  • DK201-TSZW Touch Screen Deadbolt
  • Training Videos
  • How to setup your deadbolt
  • How to add user codes
  • How to restore your deadbolt to factory settings
  • How to automatically set the deadbolt direction
  • How to use the guiding code security feature
  • How to troubleshoot bumping and grinding